Interactive Toy and Game Awards 2010

This year we are highlighting what are my Top 12 Interactive Toys and Games (I-TAG) of 2010.   These are toys and games that not only provide the child with pure fun, but can be utilized to promote their education and learning in many different ways over the course of time.

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout/Violet by Leap Frog (newborn and up)

These adorable plush toys play music and are great to incorporate into a child’s bedtime routine from infancy.  Scout is blue for boys and Violet is pink for the girls. This toy plays both environmental sounds and lullabies, while also promoting counting skills and body part recognition.

2. VTech 3 in 1 Zebra Scooter (12 months to 36 months)

When children are learning to walk, the VTech 3 in 1 Zebra Scooter starts the fun as a push-toy and as the child’s skill progresses with a few simple clicks, turns into a ride-on toy and ultimately a scooter. There are several buttons on the Zebra’s mane that engage the child in learning as well.

3. Mega Bloks Pirate Ship ( 1 year and up)

This musical pirate ship promotes interactive building at a young age with Mega Bloks. However, incorporated into the pirate ship are multiple compartments to store blocks which are great for children learning dump and fill play in infancy.  As children learn to walk they can also pull the pirate ship behind them.  As their pretend play and imaginative skills blossom, these pieces can be designed into new play schemes.

4. Pop on Pals by Spinmaster (2 years and up)

Not only can children have fun popping their people into a bus, airplane or amusement park, they also have the ability to personalize their person along the way making combinations like a fireman ballerina! [Read More…]